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Problem: Water Leaking From Bottom of Commercial Washing Machine

Leaking can be very frustrating! Locating the source of the leaking is the key. Normally the leaking is because of the damaged drain valve. When customers bring in their clothes to wash.  They often forgot to empty the pockets. Minor stuff inside the clothes will flow to the drain valve with water. When time goes […]

Problem: Commercial Dryer Overheating!

Fire is fatal to laundromats. One fire can ruin your business. However, dryers are designed to produce heat in order to remove moisture from clothes. Hence we have to pay extremely careful about the overheating issue in the commercial dryer such as Huebsch, Speed Queen, Dexter, and American Dryer. Restricted Airflow Restricted airflow is the […]

Dexter Washer Error Code: F3

Error Code : F3 on Dexter Washer Machine When F3 shows up, it means memory error in controller. The memory checksum is wrong. Solution: Please check VFD fault code before turning off power. Try to clear the fault within the palm. Try a soft reset of the controller with the white button. If problem. Replace […]

Dexter Washer Error Code F2

Error Code: F2 on Dexter Washer Machine It means the washer tub does not fill with water within 7 minutes. the wash cycle will continue. the F2 will flash three times, then wait for 30 seconds. the error will clear at the end of the cycle. Solution: Turn off the power to the washer. Check […]

Dexter Washer Error Code: F1

Error Code : F1 on Dexter Washer Machine When F1 shows up, it means the door failed to close and lock or the door failed to remain locked during the cycle. Solution: Please check VFD fault code before turning off. Check to hear if door solenoid engaged. Turn off the power to the washer. Check […]

Problem: Huebsch Dryer No Heat!

please check the following: High Voltage Lead Airflow Switch Thermostat Ignition Box Limit Thermostat Thermister Gas Valve Any malfunction of the above parts will cause the problem. please check patiently.